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3ARC Support Infrastructure

For vehicle tracking, 3ARC can provide a cost-effective way to monitor fleet movements. By using the extensive reporting facilities, fuel bills, wage bills, mileage and vehicle maintenance costs can be decreased. With complete visibility of your fleet, fewer mobile calls are required to and from vehicles.

Knowing where vehicles are also allows you to adapt route-plans for improved overall fleet efficiency with reduced costs. A "Real-Time" view of vehicle movements allows you to tell customers the exact location of any vehicle and re-route where necessary. You can control costs further by monitoring where drivers have been against submitted time sheets, eliminating false expense and overtime claims. Some of our systems include the ability to disable the ignition of a stolen vehicle when the tracked speed next drops below a pre-set limit (such as 10 mph).

To ensure that our systems deliver these benefits reliably, 3ARC has invested heavily in secure IT resources to support all communications, billing and other administration:

Angel Service Software
To support personal tracking, our Angel operators are fully trained on the 3ARC Angel software suite. This software has been written and designed to allow an Angel to view as much information as possible on a single screen. The software also allows an Angel to quickly ascertain details about the caller, such as: Company or personal procedures that our Angels must follow, relevant personal or medical details, who to notify and what type of tracking/communications hardware the caller is using.

When an incident has finished there is also a conclusion area where an Angel has to give details about the call. All this information and incident details are automatically email broadcast to all parties noted in the agreed procedure details for each registered user.

The 3ARC tracking & reporting software is written on the Microsoft .NET platform. This allows for ease of use and integration into other platforms by using common open-standard formats.

3ARC "white-labelling"
The entire 3ARC system is encapsulated in a web-server, allowing customers to "brand" the service and to start parallel versions quickly. This scalability is a key element of the IP. It allows any additional new business to operate through a standard browser without specialist hardware and software costs.

Server Setup
For each business license 3ARC will host a dedicated Web Server and a dedicated Data Server.

  • Each has a Raid 1 hard disk running the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system.
  • The Web Server deals with all web requests and has been optimised to do this.
  • The Data Server runs Microsoft SQL Server 2005 allowing capacity to grow seamlessly.
  • In the event of a machine fault, there are fail-over mechanisms that allow the 3ARC Service to continue on either machine
  • The Servers are also fully mirrored, so complete disaster recovery is in place to allow the 3ARC Service to continue.
  • Each Server is fully backed-up and each backup is stored off-site.

Data Centre
3ARC Servers are located in the London Docklands, in a secure private cage directly on the main Internet backbone. Our hosting provider also has points of presence (POPs) in other UK data centres should there be a requirement for redundant or offsite solutions.

Power and Air Conditioning

  • 2x1800 KVA Generator backup
  • UPS system – redundant parallel formation @ N+1
  • Close control down-flow air conditioning units to guarantee stable temperature and humidity @ N+1
  • DX air conditioning systems @ N+1
  • 2.5 MVA of UPS conditioned power @ N+1
  • Diverse Power Supplies with diesel generator backup


  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) installed
  • Smoke reporting system
  • FM200 fire suppression system
  • CCTV system covering all entrances/exits and main areas
  • 24 hour video recording
  • Full perimeter alarm
  • PAC security card access system
  • Visual verification of all persons entering the data floor

We take security very seriously. In today's Internet environment, any server without protection can be a target for hackers, crackers, worms, spyware and many other potent forms of malware. It is often said that an unprotected server is attacked within 20 minutes (on average) of it being put on the Internet. We provide a server that is protected by one of the most powerful firewalls.

A key differentiator with hardware firewall solutions is that that they are not artificially limited by concurrent connections or by number of users; the only limits imposed on them are raw throughput, which is determined by the physical hardware used.


The following diagram shows a public facing Web server with fully routable IP addresses connected to our BGP4 network.


Bandwidth Utilisation
The Hosting network always runs well within its capacity. Our hosting provider is constantly adding new transit providers and negotiating peering agreements with some of the largest global networks to increase capacity. This allows them to comfortably accommodate some of the largest traffic spikes and ensure that downtime is virtually eliminated.

Network Connectivity
Our Hosting provider utilises connections to multiple major Tier-1 bandwidth providers for transit connectivity. They are directly connected with 100Base-T Ethernet connections to carriers providing a total bandwidth capacity in excess of 1Gbps.

BGP4 Routing
Our Hosting provider runs the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) for best case routing. Coupled with our high-powered switches and routers, they ensure that data is sent over the best route available. If one route is not available, data is automatically transferred using the next best available route.


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