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Why choose 3ARC? 

When you choose a product from 3ARC, you can rest assured that it has been made from the finest quality components and thoroughly tested for "real world" reliability. All our products share the same software and support services, to ensure a standard of operation that is understood clearly and applied consistently.

Company Foundation

3ARC Limited has built a reputation as a customer-friendly provider of tracking products and services. We innovate market-leading technology to help individuals and companies protect themselves and their assets.

Based in Hertfordshire, 3ARC began developing security and tracking systems based on state-of-the-art GPS and GSM technologies in 2003. By allowing each customer to retain control over the chosen configuration (hardware, software & services) and by ensuring that products are not simply forced upon a customer as an 'out of the box' solution, 3ARC can keep pace with customer requirements at a competitive price.

A recent endorsement of 3ARC competence has been the successful covert development of next-generation Offender Tracking systems for use by government departments in the UK and overseas. Such a serious application demands not only innovative technology, but also proven reliability to withstand deliberate daily abuse.

Core Competencies

3ARC has quickly become a market leader in personal and vehicle security, through:

  • Strong business knowledge of the personal safety and vehicle security markets
  • Strong technical skills in design, R&D, plus custom production 
  • Qualified and focused support for specialist customers
  • Robust software that can be customised and integrated with other systems 
  • Flexibility and innovation to adapt for future needs.

Competitive Advantages

Cumulatively the directors of 3ARC can offer 65 years of industry experience in telecommunications and security. Through previous consultancy roles, our team has a thorough understanding of tracking and support in the care community. Few others can match this level of practical knowledge.

Only the best-of-breed, well-proven technologies are employed:

  • GSM Mobile technology
  • GPS location reporting and monitoring
  • Secure client Web browser-controlled alert plans to landline and mobile numbers
  • Text Alerts and email reports to managers, with mpeg recordings attached (as a back-up)
  • Secure Web-based call recording
  • Full Web call statistics

Satisfied Customers

Many of our personal tracking products are in daily use with lone workers and other at-risk individuals, some through schemes run by UK regional Police forces. At any one moment our live asset trackers are monitoring construction plant worth over £5 million and exotic vehicles worth over £2.5 million.


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