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Track&Talk GPS Phone
Personal Locator & Panic Button

Track&Talk is a convenient personal Tracker Phone that is tough and very reliable, yet small and light enough to slip into a pocket or handbag.

Using the best-available GPS tracking technology, it can communicate its accurate position (at any selected time) over the cellular mobile phone network. You can see this information as text messages on a nominated mobile phone, or by viewing the 3ARC Web site (via a password) for live tracking superimposed on maps and aerial photos.

As soon as you turn on the Track&Talk, it will find a satellite location and send or save a report. With intelligent power management, the 1700 mAH battery is designed to survive for 7 days on standby ...or easily withstand 24 hours of heavy use and will recharge fully within 4 hours.

Alerts can be triggered by the built-in motion sensor, or by setting up "Geofences" at a chosen distance around specified locations (so you will know immediately when the Track&Talk leaves or enters a zone). If required, you could immediately summon help (such as the Police) or connect to the Internet and monitor progress while you decide what to do.

Apart from alerts, you could also set the Track&Talk to collect position data at chosen intervals for you to study later as a journey history on the Web (with or without mapping).

Best of all, Track&Talk incorporates 2-way voice communication. So you can dial in to talk to the Track&Talk user ...or the user can dial out to any of 3 pre-set numbers. One of those numbers could be to the 3ARC Angel service, an option to which you can subscribe when you register for your Track&Talk warranty. This allows Track&Talk to be set up as a portable Panic Button, with the additional reassurance of full 2-way speech (and location data too)!


How Track&Talk works

This device uses any GSM wireless service worldwide.
In the UK we recommend you use Orange or Vodafone,
or an O2 Roaming SIM in intermittent reception areas.

Operating costs will depend on the selected mobile
network tariff and the frequency at which you request
the Track&Talk to send GPS positions via GPRS or
SMS text messages.

You would be given a unique secure login to the 3ARC
software suite. Within a few minutes you would be able
to set up your Track&Talk by following the simple user
guide and help menu. This includes the Track&Talk
emergency number, position frequency and any
additional users to whom you will allow access
to view your Track&Talk location data.

Who would benefit from using Track&Talk?
  • Children, elderly and disabled people (e.g. notify a supervisor or carer whenever an Alzheimer sufferer moves beyond an agreed boundary).
  • Victims of domestic abuse and school or workplace bullying 
  • Adventure sportspeople (climbers, orienteers, hill walkers, skiers, runners, cyclists, horse riders, sailors and pilots)
  • Land/air/sea rescue services 
  • Security professionals, military & covert operatives 
  • Professional lone workers (estate agents, medical & social services)

Track&Talk can help employers comply with new Health & Safety legislation, such as the Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2008.


Using Track&Talk as a standard Panic Button...

  • In an emergency, press a single button and Track&Talk will connect automatically to the nominated number stored in memory.
  • To view the user's location, simply log in to the 3ARC Web site where the latest GPS co-ordinates and nearest postcode match will be displayed ...vital information for organising a speedy response.
  • The 3ARC mapping software will display annotated maps superimposed upon detailed aerial views of the countryside, so the emergency services can organise a rapid response to the exact location.

...or add the 3ARC Angel service 

  • Pressing a single button connects Track&Talk directly to the 3ARC Angels with 2-way speech and simultaneously, full personal details of the user will appear on the Angel's computer screen. This will contain all the information registered for the user, such as medical history and an agreed personal emergency procedure (with all contact details, including identity photos). This can save vital time, in a crisis.
  • All calls would be recorded. This may also allow voice recognition of an assailant, for example.
  • The Angel would maintain communication till the incident becomes fully concluded, including notification to all agreed parties such as employers or next of kin.

How would you find someone?

Simply log into the 3ARC mapping software to view a "live" GPS position or to view a history of where the user has been, via the Journey History menu option. The software has been written for easy use with minimal mouse clicks. The left-hand view below shows a journey over one day and the other view shows a more detailed aerial photo for a particular GPS position.

Tracking Intervals.
Via the 3ARC mapping software, you decide what interval you want the device to report a GPS location. For real time tracking you can set the device to report every 10 seconds. If you do not require continuous real-time tracking and just want to know where a person or asset is occasionally, you can set the device to report at longer intervals (e.g. 24 or 48 hours) and opt for manual position requests via the 3ARC software. You also have the option to turn-off the tracker phone to conserve power.

Technical Specification

Dimensions: W 52mm D 29mm H 115mm (including antenna)
Overall weight: 140g

Supplied with 110/220 VAC UK mains charger.
Built-in Lithium battery 3.6V 1700mA/H
Depending upon the selected reporting frequency, the battery can last from 12-48 hours.
(Up to 7 days on passive standby).

GSM Module:
Siemens 850/900/1800/1900MHz, supporting voice and GPRS/SMS data

Emergency call dialling: number is configurable
2 other numbers can be configured
Choice of "Ring" modes: Audio, Vibrate, or both combined.
Built-in microphone and speaker
LED indicators for Power/Battery, GPRS and GPS status.
Built-in memory records weeks of information, including GPS data (time, position, speed, direction).

Why Track&Talk is your best choice

A genuine Track&Talk can only be purchased from 3ARC. There may be other products that claim to perform similar functions and some may even look similar ...but no other product contains 3ARC firmware (the controlling software inside the tracker phone) and we are the only source for the unique 3ARC web server software (for tracking, mapping and Angel services).

We have tested every other product on the market, so you don't have to. The components inside Track&Talk are the very highest quality available and they are assembled in a modern manufacturing plant using state-of the-art machinery, then thoroughly tested with fully automated equipment.

Before final shipping, each Track&Talk is configured to your specification with a registered SIM card and 12-month guarantee signed by our engineers.

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