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Solar-Charged Tracker & Alarm System
For un-powered trailers and other commercial transport

Complete with system software
and KP-12 wireless control
keypad in driver's cab.

Optional wireless sensors:

  • Door open (up to 4)
  • Temperature
  • Tyre pressure

Our Solar-Charged Tracker provides automatic GPS tracking (position, time, velocity), vehicle alarms and driver protection in a single rugged and waterproof casing that has built-in antennas, batteries and solar cells. Alarms, reports and other data are transmitted via GPRS (with SMS fallback) to a server that can be monitored remotely via a standard Internet browser.

One day of direct sunlight onto the solar cells will charge the four 7.5AH batteries sufficiently for 30 days of standard operation, without any external power to a trailer. Automatic power management is provided between the batteries and charging from the solar cells or a connected truck/tractor supply (9V - 24V). Optional wireless sensors can be added for door breaches, temperature and tyre pressure (each with their own battery and automated alarm reports). Wireless communication is also used for the standard control keypad that can be wired into a tractor cab for drivers to log on/off duty, set multiple geofences on/off, initialise sensors and summon emergency help.

Security features include a tamper switch that is triggered when the casing is opened and a motion sensor to wake up the system from "sleep" mode and transmit reports immediately. Up to 6000 reports can be stored in non-volatile memory. The system firmware can be initialised and configured through a PC set-up tool, after which configurations can be reviewed and re-set "over-the-air" from the server.

Size: 480 x 344 x 46 mm
Weight: 7.8kg

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