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* Gun Control, complete system launched * New solar-charged trailer tracker * New ballistics intelligence systems * New Angel service for ordinary telephones

Vehicle Tracker users include:
  • Motorcycles and off-road vehicles
  • Cars, vans and commercial vehicles
  • Trailers, caravans & rolling stock
  • Boats and hovercraft
  • Hot Air balloons, gliders, autogyros and other light aircraft
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction plant and transporters
  • Mobile generators and heavy equipment
  • Containers and temporary buildings 

Automatic Reports
  • Fixed Time
  • Fixed Distance
  • Intelligent time/distance combined
  • Keep Alive

Event reports

  • Speeding
  • Low Battery
  • Geofence Change
  • Wake Up

900 reports can be stored in non-volatile memory

Geofence set-up via a web interface

  • 1 immediate (notify enter/exit times)
  • Unlimited user-set circular zones
  • Automatic self-setting security zone
3ARC Unwired Tracker

Instant fitting to any vehicle (or other asset)

For speedy fixing (such as covert operations), our Unwired Tracker has powerful magnets in the base. There are optional brackets for permanent fixing too.

Everything needed is built in, including the antennas and a large battery with configurable power management.

Inside the rugged waterproof casing, you will find well-proven circuit designs that are carefully engineered from the best components and optimally controlled by 3ARC firmware that can be configured to suit your requirements. So you can be assured of reliable performance in every situation.

For applications such as containers and goods vehicles, there is an external magnetic pillar that can be fixed to an adjacent door so that the tracker's built-in magnetic sensor can trigger a report when the door is opened. A built-in tamper switch will detect the tracker being lifted from its fixings.

A built-in 3D acceleration sensor can be user-configured to trigger from 3 to 20 degrees of tilt and send motion reports or switch between "sleep", "normal" & "power saving" modes.

Configuration options can be set over-the-air.

Technical Specification

Size: 96 x 50 x 42 mm
Weight: 400g

Supply voltage: 3.6V DC (4.5V - 6.5V recharge)
Current draw: 5mA (sleep), 200mA (peak)
Built-in Lithium battery 3.6V 3600mA/H
More than 12 days standby operation
Built-in charging circuit, with jumper protection

GSM Module:
Siemens 850/900/1800/1900MHz,
multi-slot class 10 GPRS (with SMS fallback)

GPS Module:
Accuracy to 5m 2D RMS and 514m/s
Start up 42sec (cold), 8sec (hot) and 0.1sec recovery

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