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Don't lose it: Track it!

Although this is our 3ARC motto for locating vehicles and other assets, our customers often benefit from improved productivity and customer service ...and sometimes more profit too.

As software authors, 3ARC can configure systems to do exactly what a customer needs. By keeping things simple and fitting in with familiar working methods, training is kept to a minimum. Today most of our standard software will suit many users straight off the shelf, which lowers the total system cost.

Best of all, our independent experience of working with virtually every brand of tracking device in the past has enabled us to appreciate the hardware characteristics that are most important. Now you can buy 3ARC branded devices that have all our knowledge built in and offer top performance with reliability. For maximum practicality, our "dream" technology platform is constant throughout our current range of vehicle trackers:

  • 3ARC Vehicle Tracker
  • 3ARC Unwired Tracker
  • 3ARC Solar-Charged Tracker

ARC vehicle tracking benefits

Safety and Security
  • Monitor speed, driving hours and rest times
  • Live position status, avoids dangerous mobile calls to update location
  • Live alerts if your vehicle/asset goes beyond a preset boundary, within seconds
  • Live alerts if vehicle/asset moves out of hours
  • Ease of compliance with Government Legislation

Fast Response Times

  • Simple "Find Me" search and Journey History
  • "Live" track multiple vehicles, on a single screen
  • Hybrid Aerial/Road mapping to pinpoint location
  • Improve customer service by knowing exact vehicle locations

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Costs less than a litre of fuel per day
  • Seamless tracking anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited live tracking updates
  • Eradicate timesheet/mileage fraud
  • Reduced administration both in and out of the office, via simple audit trail reports

 Increased Productivity & Cost Control 

  • Manage mileage/idle times to optimise job schedules, fuel usage and driver efficiency
  • Simple business/private mileage & timesheet reports
  • Historical reporting of vehicle/asset movement, as proof of customer delivery



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