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* Gun Control, complete system launched * New solar-charged trailer tracker * New ballistics intelligence systems * New Angel service for ordinary telephones

Taking care of people

Do you need to be sure that you or others can be found and helped in critical situations?

You can rely upon 3ARC to configure the best combination of products and services, to meet your requirements at an affordable price.

Our hardware uses state-of-the-art technology for tracking by satellite and transmitting data through the cellular mobile network; our software is compatible with the most popular standards ...and our support service is run by professionally trained Angels: "People you can believe in".

As software authors, 3ARC can configure systems to do exactly what a customer needs. By keeping things simple and fitting in with familiar working methods, training is kept to a minimum. Today most of our standard software will suit many users straight off the shelf, which lowers the total system cost.

Best of all, our independent experience of working with virtually every brand of tracking device in the past has enabled us to appreciate the hardware characteristics that are most important. Now you can buy 3ARC branded devices that have all our knowledge built in and offer top performance with reliability. For maximum practicality, our "dream" technology platform is constant throughout our current range of personal trackers:

  • 3ARC Track&Talk (personal GPS Phone and Panic Button)
  • 3ARC BulletVest Tracker (custom-built protection)
  • 3ARC GunFire Tracker (fits standard firearm adapters)
  • 3ARC Offender Tracker (can protect victims too)
  • 3ARC Telemedical Tracker (linking patients and carers)

In addition to our standard systems, we specialise in developing bespoke systems.
These often include innovative concepts and we always strive to deliver the best value for money. Furthermore, there's no charge for an initial meeting to discuss how you can be "Powered by 3ARC".

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